Professional Malpractice


We aggressively prosecute personal injury claims on a contingent fee basis.  Our in-house expert physicians help us analyze damages in such cases from inception through trial, and our legal team is on the ball. Call for a free consultation. 

Nothing is scarier than having your liberty and freedom threatened.  As such, we have a criminal team with more than 50 years combined experience.  From violations to felony matters, you are always in good hands here.  A senior partner of the firm, Osvaldo J. Gonzalez, Esq., obtained (I believe a record) 9 defense verdicts out of his last 9 homicide trials; a 100% success rate.  Mr. Galloway also has obtained a litany of dismissals in recent criminal matters. 

​General Practice 

​Landlord & Tenant Law

From wills and trusts to business formation, we offer a litany of services at a low fixed rate.  For example, we can form a corporation for $250 plus costs and expenses. Contact us today with any legal issue, and if we are not experienced in it, we will refer you to someone who excels in the respective field.  We strive to help people; bottom line. 

Family Law

Going through a divorce or a custody battle is extremely taxing; we compassionately represent our clients with a good success rate.  Regardless of the specific issue, AG3LAW has an answer...all at a fair rate with detailed monthly invoices. 

​       Criminal Law

The Law Offices of Aubrey C. Galloway III, Esq,. P.C.

      Personal Injury

We aggressively litigate Medical, Dental and Legal Malpractice matters, treating and preparing every case as if it is going to trial.  We have obtained Judgments in excess of 3 Million dollars and defended a litany of cases valued in excess of a million dollars, most in various New York State Supreme Courts; don't "settle" for less aggressive representation in these serious matters. We are also unique in that we have two board certified in-house physicians (one general practitioner and the other a surgery expert) on staff to serve as initial experts; we are truly a full service firm. Call for a free consultation.   

Our senior paralegal Ms. Gonzalez (formerly of EZVISA) has an impeccable record on all types of immigration matters, and our attorneys are experienced in Federal Asylum Court as well; these matters are handled on a flat rate basis, for example, a change of status costs $1,000 (plus governmental fees) and nothing more.  BE SURE TO CONTACT US PRIOR TO JANUARY 20th AS IT IS ANTICIPATED THAT THE NEW PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION WILL DISRUPT MR. OBAMA'S EXECUTIVE ACTION; ENSURE YOU ARE GRANDFATHERED IN. Call for a free consultation. 

Landlord & Tenant issues arise thousands of times each day in NY alone.  Regardless of what side, we have a excellent record in both non-payment and holdover summary proceedings.  With an initial retainer of only $720 (as a residential tenant) which generally covers the entire matter, you cannot afford to trust anyone else. 

General practice & litigation firm & LOWER NY PER DIEM SERVICES